Prior Speaking Engagements

“Cyber Warfare Dossier: Rusland” at Infosecurity Beurs, Utrecht 2018
Cyber Defence, Capacity and Security Culture building at NATO, Serbia 2018
DCWC Roundtable XVI 2018
Talkshow “The Future CISO” at Heliview Cyber Security Congress 2018
DCWC Roundtable XV at Hogeschool van Utrecht 2017
The European Information Security Summit (TEISS) 2017 – Panel debate on challenges in Compliance 2017
CISO Executive Roundtable – “Cybersecurity as a boardroom issue” 2016
SC Congress Amsterdam – Expert panel on Cyber Warfare 2016
SmartAIM – Keynote on current global cyber security developments 2016
Mediaplaza Jaarbeurs – Keynote session on ‘Meldingplicht Datalekken’ 2016
Hack in Paris – Debate: The Right to Self Defense in Cyberspace
A full video can be found on YouTube
Altran #DEVDATE with Brenno de Winter and Don Eijndhoven 2015
WML Tilburg – Keynote on Cyber Security in Critical Infrastructure 2015
D66 Congress Panel debate on Cyber Security 2015
DCWC B-Sides @ GCCS 2015 2015
D66 ThinkTank on Cyber Security 2015
ICTDagRijk 2015 2015
On Cyber Resilience and Strategy – Nyenrode Business University 2015
HeliView #CYBER14 Conference – Information Security Post-Snowden 2014
RTL Masterclass Cyber Security, Nyenrode Business University 2013
MBIS Business & Security 2013
NATO CCDCOE Cyber Conflict Conference Tallinn, Estonia 2012
HackerHalted Miami 2010
This is an incomplete list. For more information, please inquire.