List of Publications
Online Privacy: Dansend naar de Cryptopticon (Dutch) PvIB Magazine, May 2016
Cyber Ceasefire: US vs China Norse DarkMatters, 06-10-2015
Missing in Action: Cyber Dictionary? Norse DarkMatters, 22-09-2015
The Right to Strike Back Norse DarkMatters, 21-06-2015
Global Conference on Cyberspace 2015: The Aftermath Norse DarkMatters, 17-05-2015
The Problem with the Universal Right to Online Privacy Norse DarkMatters, 15-04-2015
Enterprise Security vs Nation State Threat Actors Norse DarkMatters, 10-03-2015
Data Mining Protection: Taking a Privacy Roadtrip with IRMA Norse DarkMatters, 19-02-2015
Global Conference on Cyberspace 2015: Government Influence is the Key Issue Norse DarkMatters, 05-02-2015
GCCS 2015: Battlefield for the Internets’ Multi-stakeholder Coup Norse DarkMatters, 21-01-2015
Mapping Defenses Using the Cyber Kill Chain Norse DarkMatters, 02-12-2014
On Dutch Banking Woes and DDOS Attacks Norse DarkMatters, 25-04-2013
Feit of Fictie: De realiteit van Cyber War PvIB IB6, 2012
Informatiebeveiliging Post-Snowden (Dutch), 06-06-2014
Doe-het-zelven tegen overheidsspionage Trouw, 25-10-2013

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